Fritillaries and Wood Whites

Whilst I’ve spent almost every night of the last 3 weeks working with the European Nightjars which have recently arrived and are in the process of selecting territories and finding partners, I’ve spent some of my daylight hours in pursuit of butterflies. Firstly was the Wood White, a butterfly I always make the effort to see each year locally in the Forest of Dean. Next up was one of the more distinctively marked of the fritillaries – the Marsh Fritillary, photographed in a Stroud valley. Finally, and most recently, the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, which I photographed today in its first day or two of existence in the form of an adult butterfly. These images are all now in the gallery.

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Kudus, Eagles, and Fritillaries

Another three photographs have been added to the gallery. The most recently taken photo is the pair of mating Pearl-bordered Fritillary in Gloucestershire, which will still be on the wing as I write this. Next up is a majestic looking Greater Kudu captured in the Kruger national park in South ... Read more

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Tropical invertebrates

Sometimes it's possible to add new species to the species list without even leaving the house. On this occasion it wasn't a new moth discovered in the bathroom or a spider in the kitchen sink (although both have led to new additions to the list in the past!). This time ... Read more

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