Kudus, Eagles, and Fritillaries

Another three photographs have been added to the gallery. The most recently taken photo is the pair of mating Pearl-bordered Fritillary in Gloucestershire, which will still be on the wing as I write this. Next up is a majestic looking Greater Kudu captured in the Kruger national park in South Africa, and finally, a Crested Serpent Eagle seen in Udawalawa, Sri Lanka.

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A mixture of mustelids

A mixture of mustelids has been added to the gallery today. First up is an Otter photographed in the daytime on the Norfolk - Cambridgeshire border. Next is the UK's smallest of the mustelid family, the Weasel, photographed in Scotland, and finally a Badger, which was photographed at night in ... Read more

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Fritillaries and Wood Whites

Whilst I've spent almost every night of the last 3 weeks working with the European Nightjars which have recently arrived and are in the process of selecting territories and finding partners, I've spent some of my daylight hours in pursuit of butterflies. Firstly was the Wood White, a butterfly I ... Read more

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