How it all started (again)

Around four years later, I decided to pick up a pencil again. The subject this time was a Common Green Forest Lizard (Calotes calotes), which is found in India and Sri Lanka. I’d taken the reference photograph in the Sinharaja rainforest in Sri Lanka on a trip earlier in 2017. It’s a big lizard, yet incredibly easy to miss as they sit completely motionless amongst the bright green foliage which provides them with excellent camouflage. During the breeding season, the males develop a bright red head. At a time when my photography was going through an enforced hiatus, this drawing made me appreciate the benefits that the actual process of drawing can bring, and made me decide to give it another chance.

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...and then ended

No more than four or five drawings later, including this Meadow Pipit, I’d thrown in the towel. I wasn’t happy with what I was capable of, and wasn’t really prepared to invest the time and patience it would take to improve. Why I’d set such high expectations and misplaced optimism ... Read more

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Sri Lankan Leopard

This leopard was the first of a number seen on last year’s trip to Sri Lanka. It was in Wilpattu towards the north of the island. We found it relaxing in the shade of some trees, but it soon emerged to give an excellent and prolonged view. The Sri Lankan ... Read more

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