Sri Lankan Leopard

This leopard was the first of a number seen on last year’s trip to Sri Lanka. It was in Wilpattu towards the north of the island. We found it relaxing in the shade of some trees, but it soon emerged to give an excellent and prolonged view. The Sri Lankan sub-species is thought to have evolved to reach slightly larger sizes than those elsewhere due to the lack of other big cat competition, leaving it to be the sole feline apex predator. When we reached the southern end of Sri Lanka where the density of leopards is much greater, we went on to see a further 5 or 6 leopards.

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How it all started (again)

Around four years later, I decided to pick up a pencil again. The subject this time was a Common Green Forest Lizard (Calotes calotes), which is found in India and Sri Lanka. I’d taken the reference photograph in the Sinharaja rainforest in Sri Lanka on a trip earlier in 2017. ... Read more

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Incomplete Otter

This drawing was started but never finished. It hasn’t been sprayed with fixative yet, so it may one day be finished. I’ve started to lose count of the number of British counties in which I’ve seen otters, which is a really good sign as far as the species’ recovery is ... Read more

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