In progress – Dougie & Tia (commission)

This is Dougie, currently in progress on my desk. At the time of writing, Since this photo was taken his head has received some extra attention, and I’ve actually just about finished drawing the rest of him too, but this is the most up to date photo that I’ve taken. The final drawing will also include Tia, a collie, who I’ve yet to start working on. I expect I’ll be posting another progress picture or two before this one is complete.

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David Attenborough portrait

As with most of my previous drawings, it's always tricky to know when to stop. I think I've done all I can with this portrait of David Attenborough. I'd wanted to draw a human for a while, despite me previously telling myself I was only interested in drawing wildlife. Like ... Read more

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David Attenborough (re-post)

I'm posting this portrait of David Attenborough again only because I've finally taken the time to take a decent photograph of the final drawing. The drawing hasn't changed since the last post, but the contrast and clarity should look a lot better now and more representative of the drawing. I'm ... Read more

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