Killer Bees, Tsessebe and Dwarf Mongoose

There are three more additions to the gallery today. The Common Tsessebe which is the fastest antelope in Africa, reaching speeds of over 90kmph. The Dwarf Mongoose is especially common in areas with large numbers of termite mounds as this is their preferred choice of place to sleep. This one was indeed photographed on the side of a termite mound in the Punda Maria region of South Africa. Finally the Africanised Bee, otherwise known as ‘killer bees’. These were photographed in the humidity of the jungle on the Osa Peninsula.

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4 continents in 1 post

Four new updates to the gallery this evening, each from a different continent. The White-bellied Sea Eagle was photographed in southern Sri Lanka. The White-throated Dipper was captured in the Forest of Dean, England. The White-faced Capuchin was leaping across a small stream leading into the Rio Frio near the ... Read more

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Another local selection

Another local selection of species has been added to the wildlife gallery today. The Wild Boar was photographed using a very wide angle lens and a remote trigger, and shows the boar resting after a session of rooting the forest floor. The Lesser Swallow Prominent was photographed in warmer times ... Read more

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