Links page updated

Just a quick note to say that I’ve added Vero to the links page. I don’t really know how many people use Vero, but it’s quite a nice platform, free of ads, and a timeline governed only by time. It wasn’t previously possible to view pages outside of the mobile apps, but now users have their own page I’ve added a link to mine.

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Species list tweak

I've made a very small tweak to the Species List. It's so small it's hardly worth mentioning, but this section of the website (thankfully!) needs updating less and less these days. Anyway, the tweak is just the addition of a line above the species list to give the headline total ... Read more

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Product creation issues

When I add a new image to the gallery, I have a semi-automatic process in place to create a product from that image. It's worked really well up until now. For reasons that I'm yet to get to the bottom of, I'm no longer able to convert new images into ... Read more