More gallery improvements

I’ve made some more improvements to the gallery again. On the main gallery menu, the view by date options now precede the view by species options. It’s a minor change, but it enables people to get to the images more quickly. The view by date options are used more often than by species, so it makes sense for them to appear first.

The ‘view large’ option now displays the title, species and country below each image, and also provides links to view all other images of that species, as well as all other images from the same country, or even all images worldwide.

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Gallery improvements

I've set up alternative views of all of the galleries. All the previous options are still there, so it's still possible to filter the galleries by species, country or date. The main change is that it's now possible to choose the layout. Previously the gallery displayed in a grid of ... Read more

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More visual tweaks

The three most recent images that are shown on the homepage now include a small flag to represent the country in which the photo was taken.All large views of the gallery also now include a flag, and the text has been tidied up a bit.Each individual photo now includes the ... Read more

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