More visual tweaks

The three most recent images that are shown on the homepage now include a small flag to represent the country in which the photo was taken.
All large views of the gallery also now include a flag, and the text has been tidied up a bit.
Each individual photo now includes the common name, scientific name, country and flag for the species being viewed.
Finally, the ‘recent tweets’ section that is displayed on every page has had media previews removed, and the number of recent tweets increased from 1 to 3.

As an aside, I’ve booked flights for two trips in 2020. The first is due to take place at the end of March, and is in pursuit of a very rare species that I’ve been wanting to get on the list for a long time. Whether I’m successful or not, I’m pretty confident some other new species will be seen along the way. The second trip doesn’t take place until early August, and if all goes to plan, it will be quite an adventure. I’ll be heading back to the tropics with a fairly long list of ambitious targets that I’ll be looking for.

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More gallery improvements

I've made some more improvements to the gallery again. On the main gallery menu, the view by date options now precede the view by species options. It's a minor change, but it enables people to get to the images more quickly. The view by date options are used more often ... Read more

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New map

In the 'other articles' section, I've added a map that shows the countries I've visited. Sadly, some of these trips barely featured any wildlife, and some didn't feature any at all. If all goes to plan, two more countries will be added to the map in 2020, and both of ... Read more

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