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If you’re one of the very few who read this section of the site (what’s wrong with you?!) then you’ll know I like to measure the optimisation of my site with GTMetrix. Getting as close to a 100% score on the PageSpeed test has been something to work towards as a measure of making sure things are as streamlined as they possibly can be. Actually reaching 100% is something I’ve always assumed to be an impossibility, and for each little incremental step towards the goal, the tangible benefits become increasingly small, and more of a pursuit of satisfying OCD than improving the lives of anyone browsing the website! So it will make no difference to anyone to learn that this afternoon I’ve actually managed to optimise to the point that the site’s PageSpeed score has reached 100%!

There’s still scope for the YSlow score to improve (although it is already an ‘A’ at 90%) but it won’t improve any time soon. The things that are holding it back would only be resolved by moving all of the site’s static assets to a separate domain (too much effort with little to no gain) and by Google adding expires headers to Google Fonts (totally beyond my control).

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