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Apart from a few small visual tweaks here and there, there’s not been much worth mentioning here. Whenever I make any changes, I keep check on whether there’s any resulting hit on the site’s performance, and usually there either is no impact, or there’s an impact that can be easily worked around, or even just tolerated. After all, you can’t keep adding complexity without expecting some kind of hit somewhere. Anyway, during my most recent check I decided to make one final adjustment to the optimisation of the site, and it has pushed the site’s YSlow score up to 90% (previously 88%). This means that the site is now getting an A from both PageSpeed and YSlow, with the home page also fully loading in 0.6 seconds. That extra 2% will mean absolutely nothing to the visitor experience, but at least it shows to me that I’ve got the site running as streamlined as it possibly can be. Incidentally, to get the YSlow score to push anywhere near 100% would require opening up a second domain purely to serve all the media files from, and persuading google to add expires headers to their google fonts css. 90% is good enough for me!

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A few design tweaks

A few design changes:1. The sidebar on the right-hand side of all pages of the website has been redesigned. The recent news section now includes thumbnails extracted from the news articles. The 'recently viewed' section, and the 'latest tweet' sections have had their own thumbnail style adjusted for a more ... Read more

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Font sizes

One of the (many) issues with the previous incarnation of this website was that the font size was incredibly small. That would normally be an easy thing to fix, but with the way that site was built, where everything was of a fixed size, it wasn't as simple a task ... Read more

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