Shop changes

I’ve removed the link to the shop from the main menu. It’s still possible to purchase prints via the galleries, but there are no longer any links to other items such as greetings cards, limited edition photography prints, etc. Stocks are running low and with local outlets also selling them, I can’t guarantee the stock levels will satisfy orders, so the easiest thing was to scale down the range of products.

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Species List mosaic

I've made a very small change to the Species List today, specifically to the mosaic view (which surely, nobody ever actually looks at?!). Each thumbnail now shows some text when the mouse hovers over it to show the common name of that species.In unrelated news, I've managed to identify a ... Read more

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Gallery improvements

I've set up alternative views of all of the galleries. All the previous options are still there, so it's still possible to filter the galleries by species, country or date. The main change is that it's now possible to choose the layout. Previously the gallery displayed in a grid of ... Read more

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