Species List mosaic

I’ve made a very small change to the Species List today, specifically to the mosaic view (which surely, nobody ever actually looks at?!). Each thumbnail now shows some text when the mouse hovers over it to show the common name of that species.
In unrelated news, I’ve managed to identify a few more arachnids and lepidoptera from my trip to Costa Rica in 2016, taking the total number of species on the list up to 1530.

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Gallery page tweak pt.2

I've done some more coding this evening. Believe it or not, I enjoy coding, and that's largely what keeps me making improvements to the site. After changing the appearance of the photography gallery page earlier this week, I've now added some basic statistics to each section to show the number ... Read more

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Shop changes

I've removed the link to the shop from the main menu. It's still possible to purchase prints via the galleries, but there are no longer any links to other items such as greetings cards, limited edition photography prints, etc. Stocks are running low and with local outlets also selling them, ... Read more

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