Species list – kingdoms

After many years of faithfully adding new species onto my list, I’ve finally decided to start looking beyond the single animalia domain, and including species from other domains. Animalia will continue to be my main focus (by a long way), but I will now also try to include other domains in a more casual way. The species list has had to undergo some logic changes in order to accommodate new domains. It is now possible to filter by kingdom (currently the default is animalia) or to view all kingdoms together (there aren’t many non-animalia species listed yet, as I’ve only just finished coding these changes).

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Accessibility tools

After receiving feedback on another website I manage that one or two people were having trouble reading the site due to font size and (lack of) contrast, I implemented some options to allow people to alter the text size, view the site in grey-scale, switch to a light background and ... Read more

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Species List filters

The species list has been further improved to accommodate the inclusion of kingdoms other than the previous singular 'animalia' kingdom. Previously there were two methods of filtering by country. The first was using a drop-down menu, which has now been removed as it duplicated functionality. Whatever filters and sorting rules ... Read more

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