Accessibility tools

After receiving feedback on another website I manage that one or two people were having trouble reading the site due to font size and (lack of) contrast, I implemented some options to allow people to alter the text size, view the site in grey-scale, switch to a light background and to underline links to make them easier to distinguish from regular text. It was a quick and easy task to apply these same features to this site. None of these are designed to make the site look any better – they won’t do that – they are purely intended to make the site more accessible to people with specific visual needs. It’s really hard to develop something that suits everyone, but hopefully these options will go some way to addressing the problems some people encounter. The new options can be found using the new icon at the top-left of the site on all pages.

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Changes to mobile

Prior to today, all the news pages displayed a sliding panel which showed the five most recent articles within the respective news category/categories. I've reduced this to just the single most recent post to lessen repetition and also to remove the need for the distracting sliding animation. I've also decided ... Read more

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Species list - kingdoms

After many years of faithfully adding new species onto my list, I've finally decided to start looking beyond the single animalia domain, and including species from other domains. Animalia will continue to be my main focus (by a long way), but I will now also try to include other domains ... Read more

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