Spectacled Caiman complete

I really enjoyed working on the Spectacled Caiman, and was quite pleased with the result. I sometimes think I’ll never be more than “quite pleased” with my drawings and my photography, as I’m always aware that there’s plenty of scope for improvement. I know that my self-criticism can be a source of annoyance to some people, but at least a constant sense of dissatisfaction serves to inspire improvement! This drawing resulted in someone enquiring as to whether I do commissions (another first!), and a loose arrangement was made that my next piece would be a rhinoceros.

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Spectacled Caiman

The next piece I started on was this Spectacled Caiman. I photographed it on the banks of the Frío River at the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan border. If I was the kind of artist who was able to draw my subjects in the field (which I’m not!), this would have ... Read more

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Indian Rhinoceros

This was the first piece I worked on that I did from a reference photograph that wasn’t my own. I’d been asked if I could draw a rhino, but I’d never photographed one before. That’s something that will hopefully change in the near future, but it definitely won’t be this ... Read more

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