Spectacled Caiman

The next piece I started on was this Spectacled Caiman. I photographed it on the banks of the Frío River at the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan border. If I was the kind of artist who was able to draw my subjects in the field (which I’m not!), this would have been the perfect model, as it was completely motionless in the mud beneath the gallery forest which was otherwise buzzing with life – capuchins, basilisk lizards, herons, kingfishers, etc.

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Elephant and my first sale!

This drawing was based on a photograph I took in Udawalawe, Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan sub-species is the largest of the Asian elephants. Only 7% of the males have tusks, so it was nice to come across this individual, accompanied by a family group including a young calf. Udawalawe ... Read more

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Spectacled Caiman complete

I really enjoyed working on the Spectacled Caiman, and was quite pleased with the result. I sometimes think I’ll never be more than “quite pleased” with my drawings and my photography, as I’m always aware that there’s plenty of scope for improvement. I know that my self-criticism can be a ... Read more

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