Trip report from the future

I didn’t expect to be writing this trip report exactly two weeks before I’d even left the country, but here we are. Foreign Office advice and airlines pulling out of flying to my destination mean that my next trip isn’t happening, and will have to wait for a future date. I’m really hoping that my other trip for this year does go ahead, although things really aren’t looking very optimistic right now. My thoughts go to everyone who has, is, or will suffer the much more serious consequences of COVID-19.

In other news, I’ve added the most recent addition to the species list to the sidebar of all pages outside of the shop.

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Taxonomic diagrams

I've been trying to work out a way to automatically generate taxonomic species diagrams from my species list. I've nearly achieved it, subject to one annoying problem. It's close enough though, so I've put it live anyway. The diagrams can be reached by selecting 'diagram' from the 'view mode' option ... Read more

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