Nightjars in the Forest of Dean

The 2020 Nightjar season was unlike those before it thanks to lockdowns, etc. I expected 2021 to be much like a more usual Nightjar season. Instead we’re still in something of a state of restricted activity, albeit not a full … Read more

2020 Nightjar season summary – part 2

Part 2 (July – Aug) Click here for part 1 During a few days toward the end of June I spent a bit of time at a site that used to be my favourite place to watch Nightjars. It’s where … Read more

Saal Digital review

In June 2020 I was given the opportunity to receive one of Saal Digital’s Professional Line Photobooks in exchange for some feedback on the product. I have no affiliation with Saal Digital and will be completely unbiased in my review … Read more

2020 Nightjar season summary – part 1

Part 1 (May – June) When the 2020 nightjar season got underway, Britain was in Covid-19 lockdown. Consequently, with everything I had planned cancelled, and with little else to work on, I decided to switch my daily ‘exercise’ to the … Read more

Plants and Fungi

For all the years that I’ve been watching wildlife, I’ve deliberately paid little attention to all the other forms of life out there. My focus has always been squarely in the animal kingdom. That’s not to say I’ve been walking … Read more

2019 Nightjar season summary

The 2019 Nightjar season officially started for me on the 10th May. I’d already visited 4 different sites on the preceding nights hoping for just a flight call or a moment of churring to let me know that they’d returned, … Read more

Recommended reading

I love books. On this page, I’ll recommend some books I’ve enjoyed or found useful. I’ll keep it relevant by only including natural history related stuff, and will update the list from time to time. Nightjars and their Allies by … Read more

The Biggest & Baddest

This is by no means a serious piece of writing, but instead a bit of fun looking through the list of all the species I’ve photographed so far… The biggest – Up until 2017, the largest species I’d photographed were … Read more

Camera gear

Take photographs for long enough, and you’ll sooner or later be asked for advice about which is the best camera, the best lens, etc. Perhaps more frustrating, you’ll meet other photographers who insist on talking about the merits and shortcomings … Read more

Why wild?

Every photograph on this site was taken using a completely wild subject in its natural habitat.  I’ve visited zoos and I’ve watched animals in captivity, particularly as a child. I’ve also done so as recently as 2015 to see if … Read more


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