Recommended reading

I love books. On this page, I’ll recommend some books I’ve enjoyed or found useful. I’ll keep it relevant by only including natural history related stuff, and will update the list from time to time.

The Biggest & Baddest

This is by no means a serious piece of writing, but instead a bit of fun looking through the list of all the species I’ve photographed so far… The biggest – Up until 2017, the largest species I’d photographed were probably the Minke Whale or the Basking Shark. The largest land mammal I’d photographed at … Read more

Camera gear

Take photographs for long enough, and you’ll sooner or later be asked for advice about which is the best camera, the best lens, etc. Perhaps more frustrating, you’ll meet other photographers who insist on talking about the merits and shortcomings of your gear, their gear, or whatever gear is on the market at the time. … Read more

Why wild?

Every photograph on this site was taken using a completely wild subject in its natural habitat.  I’ve visited zoos and I’ve watched animals in captivity, particularly as a child. I’ve also done so as recently as 2015 to see if it would provide a stimulus to a family member who was in the advanced stages of … Read more

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