Gallery opacity

Previously, when viewing any of the galleries, all the images would be displayed with an opacity setting of about 90%. When the visitor hovered their mouse over them, the opacity would change to 100% to highlight the image they were potentially about to click on. This was by design. In retrospect I think this wasn’t such a good idea, as it makes all the images look a little pale or ‘washed out’ by default. I’ve therefore removed this effect altogether, so that all gallery images now display with 100% opacity all the time.

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Homepage tweaks

A few more tweaks to the homepage as a result of the new layout... The 'new in the galleries' section now has an offset for the retrieved data, so there should no longer be repetition of images from the 'recent news' section. The titles of the images in that section ... Read more

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Visual tweaks

I've given the site header a bit of a refresh. The logo on the right is now a lot paler, more like a watermark, and instead of stopping at the menu bar, it now bleeds on through beyond the header into the main site's content. The menu bar fades from ... Read more