Homepage tweaks

A few more tweaks to the homepage as a result of the new layout… The ‘new in the galleries’ section now has an offset for the retrieved data, so there should no longer be repetition of images from the ‘recent news’ section. The titles of the images in that section have been styled to conform to the titles in the ‘recent news’ section. I’ve also made a couple more minor changes to bring elements into better alignment with each other.

I’ve also spent some time making some fiddly changes to the shop. Hopefully these will be mostly transparent to visitors, so no need to go into detail here!

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Home page redesign

I've made some changes to the homepage. Firstly the six images used to represent the links to the Galleries, Trip reports, Drawings, etc have all been replaced for something more attractive (in my opinion at least!). The three most recent news articles have been brought on to the front page ... Read more

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