Visual tweaks

I’ve given the site header a bit of a refresh. The logo on the right is now a lot paler, more like a watermark, and instead of stopping at the menu bar, it now bleeds on through beyond the header into the main site’s content. The menu bar fades from 100% opaque on the left-hand side to 100% transparent on the right, so by the time it reaches the watermark logo, it allows the logo to show through. The right-hand column has about 75% opacity so the logo also shows through from beneath. I’ve also refreshed some other pages – all the gallery pages have been changed to allow the logo to show through, as has the species list. The species list has also had a little bit of tidying up done to it. The TV & Print page has also benefited from a bit of a refresh.

Incidentally, if anyone was wondering (does anyone even read this nonsense in the Dev Diary?!), the bird in the logo is a Violet Sabrewing – a large hummingbird found from N America down to the tropics of Central America, where I photographed this one, in Costa Rica.

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Gallery opacity

Previously, when viewing any of the galleries, all the images would be displayed with an opacity setting of about 90%. When the visitor hovered their mouse over them, the opacity would change to 100% to highlight the image they were potentially about to click on. This was by design. In ... Read more

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Screen sizes

In what is probably the last update to this section for a while (unless anything breaks!), I've made some changes to the way the site handles different screen sizes. It's already coped pretty well with any size device, but I've made tweaks to exactly what will and won't be shown, ... Read more