Gallery to product conversion fixed

The problem I wrote about a day or two ago has now been resolved. In an effort to minimise server memory usage, I have a means of making sure code is only loaded as and when it is needed. As a basic example, there’s no need to load all the stuff related to displaying videos on every page – just the video page. This process appears to have suddenly started behaving a bit overzealously and actually prohibiting code from loading that is very much needed. I have found a solution to this and am once again able to generate products (prints) from new additions to the gallery.

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Product creation issues

When I add a new image to the gallery, I have a semi-automatic process in place to create a product from that image. It's worked really well up until now. For reasons that I'm yet to get to the bottom of, I'm no longer able to convert new images into ... Read more

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Graphs disabled

I've removed the graph functionality from the species list. I vaguely remember stating at the time that I implemented it that it was kind of pointless and more of a learning experience for me than anything else. The site statistics back this up, with barely anyone looking at the graph ... Read more

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