Graphs disabled

I’ve removed the graph functionality from the species list. I vaguely remember stating at the time that I implemented it that it was kind of pointless and more of a learning experience for me than anything else. The site statistics back this up, with barely anyone looking at the graph page. For that functionality to exist, certain code needed to be loaded into memory which was having a disproportionately adverse effect on server performance when compared to the number of visits that page had. If I decide to reinstate similar functionality in the future I will do it in a more streamlined way, and only if the resulting graphs are actually of any value to the site.

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Gallery to product conversion fixed

The problem I wrote about a day or two ago has now been resolved. In an effort to minimise server memory usage, I have a means of making sure code is only loaded as and when it is needed. As a basic example, there's no need to load all the ... Read more

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Menu and category updates

A couple of small changes to mention. Firstly, I have separated my drawings into three categories - wildlife, pets and people. It's still possible to see all news relating to my drawings in one place by selecting the top-level menu option 'drawings', but there are now three new pages, each ... Read more

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