GDPR Compliance

I have to confess I’m a little late in doing this. GDPR legislation came into force in 2016, and the deadline for compliance was back in mid-2018. Back then, my site didn’t make use of cookies, so that was easy enough, and I gave it no further thought. In April 2019, this new incarnation of the site went live after a lengthy development process beset by issues such as having to re-write a lot of ASP functionality in PHP, dealing with some terrible hosts, setting up a CDS, security, optimisations, etc… if you’ve ever been bored enough to read this Dev Diary, you’ll already have some idea of the work that went into getting this site working, and working nicely. Anyway, GDPR did occasionally get added to my mental list of things to do, but as more pressing (and frankly, more interesting) things got added to the list, so GDPR once again got forgotten all about. Anyway, it’s now the 1st day of the new decade (actually, it’s late, we’re into the early hours of day 2 now), and I can finally say that I have implemented what I believe should be enough to make this site compliant.

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Statistics and headers

I've added a new page which shows some basic statistics about the site. It serves little purpose, but it shows the number of images and galleries along with their geographical breakdown, the number of species on the species list, along with taxonomical distinctions. It also shows the number of pages, ... Read more

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Home page redesign

I've made some changes to the homepage. Firstly the six images used to represent the links to the Galleries, Trip reports, Drawings, etc have all been replaced for something more attractive (in my opinion at least!). The three most recent news articles have been brought on to the front page ... Read more

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