Statistics and headers

I’ve added a new page which shows some basic statistics about the site. It serves little purpose, but it shows the number of images and galleries along with their geographical breakdown, the number of species on the species list, along with taxonomical distinctions. It also shows the number of pages, posts and categories that make up this website.

I’ve also removed the over-sized headers that were present on the TV & Print page, Contact page and the Links page. Minor cosmetic change also made to the recent news slider at the top of all the news pages.

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Small glitch fixed

A very small glitch in the slideshow on the front page has been fixed. Since introducing the title boxes, a 1 pixel dark line had crept into the slideshow, which appeared at the top of each slide. This has now been removed.

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GDPR Compliance

I have to confess I'm a little late in doing this. GDPR legislation came into force in 2016, and the deadline for compliance was back in mid-2018. Back then, my site didn't make use of cookies, so that was easy enough, and I gave it no further thought. In April ... Read more

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