Home page redesign

I’ve made some changes to the homepage. Firstly the six images used to represent the links to the Galleries, Trip reports, Drawings, etc have all been replaced for something more attractive (in my opinion at least!). The three most recent news articles have been brought on to the front page too. To avoid repetition, I’ve removed the three most recent news articles from the right-hand column while viewing the homepage (they are still present on all other pages). In their place, I have added a link to the contact page.

I’m not quite done yet… the three most recent additions to the gallery inevitably produce a bit of repetition/overlap with the three most recent news articles, so I’ll work out a way of addressing that. It may be that I just offset the recent gallery additions so that it skips the first x amount of images. This would change their status from ‘newest’ to ‘recent’, but it would avoid images being repeated on the same page, and would still have the benefit of keeping new content on the homepage.

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GDPR Compliance

I have to confess I'm a little late in doing this. GDPR legislation came into force in 2016, and the deadline for compliance was back in mid-2018. Back then, my site didn't make use of cookies, so that was easy enough, and I gave it no further thought. In April ... Read more

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Homepage tweaks

A few more tweaks to the homepage as a result of the new layout... The 'new in the galleries' section now has an offset for the retrieved data, so there should no longer be repetition of images from the 'recent news' section. The titles of the images in that section ... Read more

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