Goshawk complete

The Goshawk is finally finished. The question I get asked more than any other is how long my drawings take to do. This one, just like all the others before it, has sat on my desk for perhaps three weeks or so, but other than replying that they take “a long time”, I actually don’t know how long they take me. Maybe next time I’ll actually go to the trouble of timing it, or maybe it’s better that I don’t know. Anyway, this will be going off to the printer this week, and hopefully, the prints will be with me next week. It’s really encouraging for me that, in addition to this drawing already being sold (assuming the person I drew it for actually likes it!), I have already sold a couple of prints in advance of them even being made. At the time of writing, I have no commissions to work on so there’s a blank piece of paper waiting for me to decide what to draw on it.

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Goshawk in progress

The drawing I’m currently working on is this Northern Goshawk, something that I’ve been requested to draw for a commission. The recipient is an expert on the species, so I need to make sure it’s anatomically as accurate as I can make it, and also shows the intensity of the ... Read more

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Kingfisher in progress

When I picked up the pencil, the intention was that I would be drawing one of the big cats, a snarling leopard or a roaring lion. I don’t really know what happened to my thought processes, but I’m now in the process of drawing this Common Kingfisher instead. It’s an ... Read more

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