Goshawk in progress

The drawing I’m currently working on is this Northern Goshawk, something that I’ve been requested to draw for a commission. The recipient is an expert on the species, so I need to make sure it’s anatomically as accurate as I can make it, and also shows the intensity of the stare that is characteristic of the Goshawk. It’s very important to me that I only draw wild subjects, just as it’s equally important to follow that principle with my photography too. I’m fortunate in that I’ve managed to photograph Goshawk at a relatively close range here in the Forest of Dean, but I didn’t have any photos that were suitable to use as a reference. I’m grateful to those who kindly offered me permission to use some of their own photos as a reference, but in the end the only photo I could find of a wild bird that was close enough to the images I was looking for was taken by a Dutch photographer called Arno van Zon, and I’m particularly grateful to him for letting me use his amazing work for reference. There’s still a lot of detail to add to the work I’ve already done on this, and the eventual drawing will probably extend to the very edge of the paper.

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The Hawfinch is one of my favourite local birds so it was a nice surprise, whilst finishing up on the previous drawing, to be asked if I’d consider drawing a Hawfinch for someone. The Forest of Dean is something of a stronghold for this elusive finch, so I’m lucky enough ... Read more

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Goshawk complete

The Goshawk is finally finished. The question I get asked more than any other is how long my drawings take to do. This one, just like all the others before it, has sat on my desk for perhaps three weeks or so, but other than replying that they take “a ... Read more

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