Menu and category updates

A couple of small changes to mention. Firstly, I have separated my drawings into three categories – wildlife, pets and people. It’s still possible to see all news relating to my drawings in one place by selecting the top-level menu option ‘drawings’, but there are now three new pages, each showing a different sub-set of drawings. Secondly, a change that will only affect users of this website on a desktop/laptop, the main menu now responds to ‘hovering’ rather than clicking. In other words, as soon as you move your cursor over the menu option, the appropriate sub-menu will automatically open.

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Graphs disabled

I've removed the graph functionality from the species list. I vaguely remember stating at the time that I implemented it that it was kind of pointless and more of a learning experience for me than anything else. The site statistics back this up, with barely anyone looking at the graph ... Read more

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News pages layout

I've removed the over-sized headers that previously sat at the top of each of the main news pages (Trip reports, Drawings,On The Trail Of... etc). In their place, I have set up the same animated slides that already occupied the 'All news' page. These sliders show the latest 5 headline ... Read more

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