News pages layout

I’ve removed the over-sized headers that previously sat at the top of each of the main news pages (Trip reports, Drawings,On The Trail Of… etc). In their place, I have set up the same animated slides that already occupied the ‘All news’ page. These sliders show the latest 5 headline pieces of news from their respective category.

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Menu and category updates

A couple of small changes to mention. Firstly, I have separated my drawings into three categories - wildlife, pets and people. It's still possible to see all news relating to my drawings in one place by selecting the top-level menu option 'drawings', but there are now three new pages, each ... Read more

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Menu U-turn

Only a couple of days after changing the main menu structure, I've changed my mind! I've decided that including a sub-menu is messy, and can be avoided through better design. The ability to filter drawings still exists, but the links to do so are now accessible from the top of ... Read more

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