Menu U-turn

Only a couple of days after changing the main menu structure, I’ve changed my mind! I’ve decided that including a sub-menu is messy, and can be avoided through better design. The ability to filter drawings still exists, but the links to do so are now accessible from the top of each of the drawing news pages, rather than the main menu. Incidentally, I’m currently thinking about including all of my drawings into the same gallery that currently handles all of my photography. It will require some thought, as the drawings do need to be handled differently to the photography – firstly I don’t want the two to mix, secondly the purchasing options for drawings are different, thirdly the pricing is different and fourthly there are probably other things I haven’t thought about yet… what sometimes seems like a very simple change can often reveal hidden complexities. That said, I did code the gallery to be as flexible as I could, so this will be another test for it.

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News pages layout

I've removed the over-sized headers that previously sat at the top of each of the main news pages (Trip reports, Drawings,On The Trail Of... etc). In their place, I have set up the same animated slides that already occupied the 'All news' page. These sliders show the latest 5 headline ... Read more

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Drawings gallery

I've added all my drawings to the same gallery system I created for my photography. I have kept it entirely separate from the photography however, so they will not share the same galleries. The main 'Gallery' item on the menu now opens a sub-menu - Photography and Drawings. As with ... Read more

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