Screen sizes

In what is probably the last update to this section for a while (unless anything breaks!), I’ve made some changes to the way the site handles different screen sizes. It’s already coped pretty well with any size device, but I’ve made tweaks to exactly what will and won’t be shown, and how, dependent on the size of the screen, or the orientation (in the case of mobile devices) of it. One example is the watermarked header, which stays a fixed site until the browser width reaches a certain size. At this point it reduces in size. If the browser width continues to shrink then eventually the watermark logo will not show at all.
Further tidying up of the homepage in the presentation of the slideshow and the site border.
I think the only other change has been a bug fix on the ‘reset filters’ link on the species list, which was not functioning correctly.
If plans hold, then apart from continuing to add images to the gallery, the next site updates will hopefully involve a new trip report, a new gallery and a batch of additions to the species list. Fingers crossed!

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Visual tweaks

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Gallery sorting

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