Sloth Bear

One addition to the gallery today. This Sloth Bear emerged from the jungle just as the light was starting to fade. It’s a species I didn’t feel too optimistic about seeing when planning the trip, but I got very lucky … Read more

Boar & Bee-eaters

This European Bee-eater was hunting from this perch on the roadside near Tshokwane, South Africa, so this image was opportunistically photographed from the car window. The Wild Boar piglets were photographed a lot closer to home, here in the Forest … Read more

Buffaloes and Barbets

Two more additions to the wildlife gallery… firstly is a Crested Barbet on the upper slopes of the Olifants River Valley in South Africa. Staying in Africa, the Cape Buffalo pictured was one of a herd encountered slightly east of … Read more

Fritillaries and an Ibis

Two new additions to the wildlife gallery today. Firstly is a Hadeda Ibis which was photographed within the perimeter of the Skukuza rest camp inside the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Secondly is a pair of Pearl-bordered Fritillaries found in … Read more

Owls and Lizards

A couple more additions to the wildlife gallery today. The Short-eared Owl was photographed in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, hunting the fields in its winter territory. The Common Green Forest Lizard was found in the Sinharaja rain forest of Sri Lanka. … Read more

Owls, Deer, Starlings & Nile Monitors

Some further additions to the wildlife gallery today… I spent this afternoon watching Short-eared Owls in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. The Roe Deer was moving at full speed across a field in which 3 Short-eared Owls were hunting. This picture … Read more


I took this image of a Starling murmuration yesterday. It shows many thousands of birds as they came in to roost in the reedbed around dusk. Whilst it certainly represents a lot of birds, this was actually only a small … Read more

Otters, Nightjars and a new year

Happy new year (and decade)! My first additions to the wildlife gallery for 2020 are this Nightjar and Otter. The Nightjar was photographed close to home in the Forest of Dean. Whilst I did photograph this bird in person, this … Read more

Elephants and Palm Squirrels

A day after Boxing Day, there are two additions to the wildlife gallery. Firstly is an Indian Palm Squirrel photographed in southern Sri Lanka, where it is very common. I found the African Elephant whilst driving through a particularly dry … Read more

Hoopoes and Puffins

Two new images have been added to the wildlife gallery today. The Puffin was photographed on the island on Skomer in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and the African Hoopoe was captured in South Africa. I would like to wish all visitors to … Read more

Leopards and Puffbacks

Two new additions to the gallery today. I found this male Black-backed Puffback outside one of the rest camps of the Kruger National Park. If memory serves correctly it was the Satara camp. He was in the middle of his … Read more

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