Costa Rica – trail-cam update pt.3

It’s been 8 months since the camera was put in position. It’s starting to show signs of humidity damage now, but for the time being it’s still taking pictures. The latest batch show much more of the same selection of … Read more

Costa Rica – trail-cam update pt.2

It’s now been just over 70 days since I left the camera trap set up on an animal trail that leads through tropical rainforest down to the coast on the southern end of the Osa Peninsula, and the next batch … Read more

Costa Rica – trail-cam update pt.1

It’s been over a month since returning from Costa Rica, and over a month since the camera trap I set up has been in position, watching for wildlife. The first batch of photos have arrived. A variety of species were … Read more

Costa Rica, summary – January 2016

The process of identifying some of the more difficult species, such as arachnids, anoles, invertebrates and amphibians, is still ongoing, but everything else has been added to the species list, and is also listed below. Notable Costa Rican species not … Read more

Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula – January 2016

We left Monteverde before first light, as we needed to get back to San José early to catch a flight to our next destination, the Osa Peninsula. Our flight was a small twin-prop plane flown by Nature-air, who claim to … Read more

Costa Rica, Monteverde – January 2016

Setting off from Arenal, we were headed for Monteverde. It’s perhaps only 15-20km away, but a volcano and a large lake stand between them, so it was a 3 hour journey around them. The first task was to find somewhere … Read more

Costa Rica, Arenal – January 2016

It was around a six hour drive from Tortuguero to Arenal. The volcano was shrouded in cloud when we arrived. A Great Kiskadee was the first bird to be identified here, the larger of a group of near identical looking … Read more

Costa Rica, Tortuguero – January 2016

The drive from home to Heathrow was uneventful but longer than necessary. We arrived at a hotel ready for an early flight in the morning to Newark, New York. Getting through security was smooth enough. The first mammal of the … Read more