Optimisation A/A

It’s been a while since I made any updates to the site. Lockdown has taken it’s toll to some extent – on a personal level the Coronavirus has brought with it some sad news, some stressful situations, and although far … Read more

Taxonomic diagrams

I’ve been trying to work out a way to automatically generate taxonomic species diagrams from my species list. I’ve nearly achieved it, subject to one annoying problem. It’s close enough though, so I’ve put it live anyway. The diagrams can … Read more

Species List filters

The species list has been further improved to accommodate the inclusion of kingdoms other than the previous singular ‘animalia’ kingdom. Previously there were two methods of filtering by country. The first was using a drop-down menu, which has now been … Read more

Changes to mobile

Prior to today, all the news pages displayed a sliding panel which showed the five most recent articles within the respective news category/categories. I’ve reduced this to just the single most recent post to lessen repetition and also to remove … Read more

Screen sizes

In what is probably the last update to this section for a while (unless anything breaks!), I’ve made some changes to the way the site handles different screen sizes. It’s already coped pretty well with any size device, but I’ve … Read more

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