Gallery opacity

Previously, when viewing any of the galleries, all the images would be displayed with an opacity setting of about 90%. When the visitor hovered their mouse over them, the opacity would change to 100% to highlight the image they were potentially about to click on. This was by design. In retrospect I think this wasn’t … Read more

Homepage tweaks

A few more tweaks to the homepage as a result of the new layout… The ‘new in the galleries’ section now has an offset for the retrieved data, so there should no longer be repetition of images from the ‘recent news’ section. The titles of the images in that section have been styled to conform … Read more

Home page redesign

I’ve made some changes to the homepage. Firstly the six images used to represent the links to the Galleries, Trip reports, Drawings, etc have all been replaced for something more attractive (in my opinion at least!). The three most recent news articles have been brought on to the front page too. To avoid repetition, I’ve … Read more

GDPR Compliance

I have to confess I’m a little late in doing this. GDPR legislation came into force in 2016, and the deadline for compliance was back in mid-2018. Back then, my site didn’t make use of cookies, so that was easy enough, and I gave it no further thought. In April 2019, this new incarnation of … Read more

Statistics and headers

I’ve added a new page which shows some basic statistics about the site. It serves little purpose, but it shows the number of images and galleries along with their geographical breakdown, the number of species on the species list, along with taxonomical distinctions. It also shows the number of pages, posts and categories that make … Read more

Small glitch fixed

A very small glitch in the slideshow on the front page has been fixed. Since introducing the title boxes, a 1 pixel dark line had crept into the slideshow, which appeared at the top of each slide. This has now been removed.

Minor changes

A few very minor changes. The annoying underline that appeared on links when hovered over on the videos page has been removed. Links now behave just like all others across the site. The spacing on individual photo pages has been changed to give a more tidy and uniform layout. A slightly different shade for titles … Read more

New map

In the ‘other articles‘ section, I’ve added a map that shows the countries I’ve visited. Sadly, some of these trips barely featured any wildlife, and some didn’t feature any at all. If all goes to plan, two more countries will be added to the map in 2020, and both of them will most definitely be … Read more

More visual tweaks

The three most recent images that are shown on the homepage now include a small flag to represent the country in which the photo was taken.All large views of the gallery also now include a flag, and the text has been tidied up a bit.Each individual photo now includes the common name, scientific name, country … Read more

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