Cheetah complete

The Cheetah is finished. I’m going to have to photograph it again more carefully before I can arrange for prints to be made. This version doesn’t represent the true colours of the actual piece very well, which in turn has … Read more

Cheetah in progress

This is an early stage photo of what I’m currently working on. It’s a quick snap taken on my phone, so excuse its shortcomings! I should really take another photo because the piece has moved on significantly since this photo … Read more

Little Owl complete

The Little Owl is complete. This picture took a lot less time than the previous two, but I suppose that’s hardly surprising given the amount of white space compared to those. The owl wasn’t without its challenges though, and I’m … Read more

Little Owl in progress

I started working on this Little Owl a few days ago. After getting off to a slow start it’s starting to feel like it’s getting somewhere now. As with my previous two pastel drawings, I started drawing on a mid-tone … Read more

Tiger & Cub complete

The Tiger & Cub drawing is complete. This piece was done on A3 using pastel sticks and pastel pencils. It took longer than any other piece I’ve done before it. Despite me starting this post by calling the picture complete, … Read more

Tiger & Cub in progress

I’m currently working on this tiger and cub. This photo is just a section of the full drawing which will include the full face of the mother tiger. The drawing is being done with pastel pencils on A3. Once the … Read more

Leopard complete

My first foray into colour and using a medium other than graphite is complete. It was an interesting process, frustrating to begin with as I was getting to grips with the capabilities of pastels, and finding my own way to … Read more

A bit of colour

I decided it was time to have a go at producing something in colour. Having given a lot of thought to the medium I was going to try, I finally settled on pastels. I’d been looking forward to trying something … Read more

Common Kingfisher

Shortly after my last post, I very nearly decided to abandon working on this Kingfisher. I think the problem was that I was struggling with the scale. My decision to draw it in a landscape format on an A3 sheet … Read more

Kingfisher in progress

When I picked up the pencil, the intention was that I would be drawing one of the big cats, a snarling leopard or a roaring lion. I don’t really know what happened to my thought processes, but I’m now in … Read more

Goshawk complete

The Goshawk is finally finished. The question I get asked more than any other is how long my drawings take to do. This one, just like all the others before it, has sat on my desk for perhaps three weeks … Read more